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Hermes Trismegistus – Ancient Elvis

hermes When it comes to rock-n-roll and Elvis, most people say “Elvis, you’re the king!” Elvis was Da Man when it came to rock-n-roll in his day. The same could be said for Hermes Trismegistus. He was Da Man when it came to most everything it seems, back in his day. Credited with being the God Thoth, in ancient Egypt, the God Mercury, in ancient Rome, the Prophet Idris in the Quran, The great Hermes of Greek mythology and the list goes on and on. And that is just titles. He was called Trismegistus, which means Hermes the “thrice great”. What? Great times three! Obviously this guy was the MacDaddy of something! On an epithet found at the ancient Temple of Esna, there was inscribed “Thoth the great, the great, the great”. Why was he three times more great than the average great? Some say it’s because he was the master of the three parts of wisdom; Alchemy, Astrology and Theurgy. Others say it’s because he was the greatest Priest, King and Philosopher. Whatever the reason, there’s something really interesting about someone who made that big of an impression on his peers. Maybe it’s all about his accomplishments. He is credited for designing and building the great pyramids of Egypt. He is credited with being able to imprison demons or angels in statues and then able to animate the statues so that they spoke prophecies! In the Quran it is said that he travels to outer space and then returns with Adam the first man, and the Black Stone. This is the stone that is said to have been placed by the Prophet Mohammed into the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The Prophet Mohammed claimed to be a direct descendant of Hermes. Hermes was credited with being able to put spells of protection on things, so that the term Hermetically Sealed was applied to them. But, the greatest thing he is known for is being a master teacher, the Guru of all Guru’s. People would travel from across the globe to sit at the feet of the master and learn his magic and wisdom. Where he came from seems to remain a mystery, we know he was in ancient Egypt at one time, that he was possibly a mentor to the biblical Abraham and that he was also a contemporary to Moses. He was said to have lived some three hundred years and had reincarnated as different historical figures. Along with orally instructing students, Hermes was purported to have written many texts, a lot of them, supposedly destroyed in the sacking and destruction of Alexandria. Some of them survived, such as the Hermetic Corpus, The Emerald Tablets and The Divine Pymander. The most famous of his works which is still in circulation in many books on the subject today is the “Seven Hermetic Principles”. These principles are said to reflect and describe universal laws and how to use force of mind to use them to a students advantage. We’ll look at these principles in our next post. You think Hermes told them old Pharaoh’s they wasn’t nuttin but a hound dog?

Image of Hermes Trismegistus at the Cathedral of Siena in Italy
Image of Hermes Trismegistus at the Cathedral of Siena in Italy
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Brain Health – The Pineal Gland – The Seat of the soul?

thirdeye1Last week we talked about the functions of the Pineal gland and it’s production of Melatonin. This week we’ll look at the mystical side of the gland and it’s allure to many spiritually minded people. The Third Eye, The Eye of Horus, The Brow Chakra. Rene Descartes, who was a 17th century philosopher and said to be the father of modern philosophy, referred to this little gland as the “principle seat of the soul”. That is quite an array of accolades for sure, but, what is it all about? The Third Eye is said to be our link to the universe, to the spiritual world, to other dimensions. Practitioners of Hinduism and other occultisms go through great pains and trouble to be able to “open” their Third Eye. They say that they are able to see past what we can see with our physical eyes and actually communicate with spirit guides and other beings who lay beyond the veil. Intriguing? You Bet! The interest in this Third Eye business goes back for thousands of years. The Egyptians, who along with other hieroglyphs, depicted the Pineal gland in their writings calling it the “Eye of Horus”.eye-of-horus Wow! There might be something to this, right? Hindu’s profess powers, using their open third eyes, of being able to actually read anything written down in front of them while blindfolded. So, the Third Eye not only benefits them in the spirit world but also here in the physical world. They also profess the power of transportation, using Third Eye powers to actually transport a physical object from one place to another. We have all heard of people who can actually see other places in their minds, quite accurately, called “remote viewing”. Edgar Cayce was said to be able to access something he called the “Akashic Records” and actually be able to read them, through the same type of Third Eye powers. Ok, so how do we get in on this action? It all starts with meditation. There are a myriad of videos and articles on different techniques to “open” your third eye. All of them start with meditation, maybe using some type of music or chant. There are some who suggest “thumping” your head in certain areas in order to “awaken” the gland. For those of us over fifty with calcified glands, it is suggested that we move to a more plant based diet to aid in the process, and also drink un-fluorinated water and use un-fluorinated toothpaste. I don’t imagine the ancient Egyptians had any fluoride issues, so they must have easily slipped off into the netherworld, at will. One thing they did have, was a Guru. Yep, a bonafide wizard of great powers and wisdom, known throughout the ancient world as the holder of great wisdom. Next post I’ll introduce you to the great Hermes Trismegistus!