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Brain Health – Start with Calm

Twenty four hour news cycles, Internet fads and constant social media. Music channels galore and more movies than Carter has pills! Our brains are constantly exposed to electronic media in overdrive. What are we doing to our brains? You know, we liken our brains to computers all the time, and one of the basic idioms of computer programming is “junk in, junk out!” Is that why TV shows are called “programs”?? Hmm? I observe people all of the time, constantly looking at or interacting with their cell phone, people sitting at a restaurant, supposed to be enjoying a nice lunch or dinner together, constantly texting or shopping or watching “the game”, or playing a game. Most people can’t be away from Facebook for an hour before they start getting anxiety about maybe they missed something or so and so was supposed to answer my post! How many likes did I get? So and so didn’t put a like on my post! Now I’m angry! Wow! What are we doing people? There is no way that 16 hours a day of constant visual and auditory stimulation is not having some, and I venture to say, negative, impact on our brains. Take a break from it sometimes. Turn the TV off and enjoy the quiet. Take the earbuds out of your ears while you are jogging and listen to the birds sing. Turn down the sound on your cell phone and put it away for a while. There’s a big beautiful world out there that we are ignoring and missing out on because of technology. I think that is a shame. We don’t have dinner table conversations any more as a family, and the list goes on and on. One thing that I’ve been trying, and it might work for you as well, is meditation. I try to set aside just 15 minutes in the morning to go to a quiet place, sit and just try to quiet my mind. I don’t do any mantras or do the “ooooohhhmmm” thing. I just sit and try my best to quiet my brain down, which is actually hard for me. After 40 years of being a musician, I constantly have music playing in my head. I can get complete silence for just a few seconds at a time, but i’m sure the more I practice the longer I can stay silent. The rest of the time I let my thoughts go and try to examine them, and wonder “why the hell am I thinking that?”  But anyways, it seems to give me a little peace and helps me get focused for the day. I hope it can help you too, so, just a little tip for the mind today. Other posts coming soon…….Namaste!

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